Order FAQS and Discounts

Order FAQS

1.What is the minimum order quantity ?

Most of the products have not minimum order quantity requested, but the amount US$99 each order is requested, not include delivery cost, tax and VAT. For order amount under USD$99, we will increase the price according to your Vnalized order quantity.
If you need order more than US$30,000 or 200 piecess per style/color/size, please get in touch with our business manager diretly: (Burhan)

2.About order less than US$99 ?

If the order amount under US$99, you are asked to pay for the sample and delivery charge. The price for sample will be increased at 30% based on our primitive price.

3.About the order process

we make that place the order from us is as secure and simple as possible. You could make order from our web site online.
At Vrst, Please add all the products you want into the shopping cart and then follow the instructions to complete the order form and submit, getting your order number. ( Please record this order number for further ).
And then ,After you place the order, we will check soon and then send the invoice include the shipping cost to you within 24 hours.( If There are not any email from us within 24 hours since you get the order numb must be some problem incurred during the process of submitting your order. Please get in touch with us soon, thank you.)
Third, after you receive the invoice ,please pay soon and tell us the information .So that we could check your pay, and send the parcel to you in time, and then we will tell you the tracking number, so you could chec

4. What should I do when fail to place order ?

A. Use other browsers. There’re many browsers you can use, such as IE, Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
B. If it still doesn’t work, you can copy the goods list including item number, size and color; send us by email together with your username on our site, and also your full shipping address. We’ll place the order for y then let you know.

5. Can you separate my order to several packages in order to avoid tax in custom?

Usually we send only one package for one order unless it’s too large to be put into one box, but also only one tracking number. If you want us to send two or more packages, please write down the request in the N when you submit the order. But more packages, more shipping cost need pay, you know.

6. Can I conNrm stock status with you before payment?

Yes, after you place the order, we’ll check and inform you which items are out of stock, and then send the invoice to you. But as you know, our stock status is changing every hour, so we can’t promise that the item still in stock when we prepare your order.

7. What will happen if there are out-of-stock items in my order after payment?

So as not to delay your order, we'll send out the ready items on time and then recalculate the item prices and shipping fee. All excess payment would be credited to your next order. If you want, we can also refund Bank account.

8. Why my cart is empty when I open it again next day?

Because our system stores the cart in the cache of the browser, so once the cache has been cleared, the cart will be empty.


We offer 5% discount if the total is above USD$500

We offer 7% discount if the total is above USD$1.500

We offer 9% discount if the total is above USD$2.500

We offer 10% discount if the total is above USD$4.000

We offer 13% discount if the total is above USD$6.000

We offer 15% discount if the total is above USD$10.000

If you need order more than USD$30,000 or 300 pieces per style/color/size, please get in touch with our business manager diretly:

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